Children need a full night’s rest for healthy development. To assist in soothing your child to sleep, you may need to implement comforting sounds, but the sterility of a sound machine may not do the trick. Cloud B recognized this need and has created a line of baby sound machines that not only play soothing sounds, but are plush and cuddly as well. The Cloud B Sleep Sheep is one such product—a plush stuffed sheep that has a baby sound machine built into it. This baby sound machine is different from its competitors in that it can easily strap to your child’s crib or bedpost to comfort them through the night. The sound machine controls can even be taken out of the back of the sheep for cleaning or if your child no longer needs sound therapy but still wants the comfort of the snuggly Sleep Sheep.

Cloud B collaborates with an Advisory Board of pediatricians, therapists and parents that meet often to discuss customer suggestions (which can be made on Cloud B’s website) and product improvements. We applaud Cloud B’s connection to their consumers and think this customer-first mentality has assisted in creating a fantastic baby sound machine. We do wish though that the Sleep Sheep also h a night light option or a continuous play feature. We’ve found that children will often wake up when the music that has been comforting them suddenly stops. The Cloud B Sleep Sheep plays on two different timer options, 23 and 45 minutes, after which the sounds automatically turn off. Competitor baby sound machines have MP3 adapters, and while that is a plus for them, we didn’t see the need for one with the Sleep Sheep.

The portability of this baby sound machine is one of our favorite parts about it. You can easily remove the controls to save battery power and pack it away just like you would a stuffed animal. It doesn’t have an AC adapter though, so if you're on the road, be sure to take back-up batteries. It might be a little difficult to access the Sleep Sheep’s controls when it is strapped to a crib. The controls are located on the back of the infant sound machine, but have been designed to be turned on with the touch of a button.

Because an Advisory Board of childcare professionals developed the sound selection, you can be sure that each sound has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure the upmost effectiveness in lulling children to sleep. The sleep therapy sounds include heartbeat, rain, whale sounds and ocean waves.

Cloud B Summary:

The Cloud B Sleep Sheep has a solid purpose: to soothingly and effectively lull your child to sleep. It has four sounds specifically designed to gently match your child’s sleep patterns. Because an Advisory Board of childcare professionals developed this baby sound machine, it has a very user-friendly interface and is travel ready. We wish it had more features, like a continuous play option, night light, and an MP3 player adapter, for when your baby develops a taste for specific music. However, for what it is designed to do, the Sleep Sheep is an ideal sound machine for babies.


Cloud B Sleep Sheep

An Advisory Board of health professionals developed the design and sound options.

No AC adapter is included; instead, the sound machine is battery operated.

The Verdict
: 6.95/10

Perfect for babies and toddlers, but it isn’t designed to grow with your child.